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Natural Jade Stone Gua Sha Massager

Natural Jade Stone Gua Sha Massager

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Jade is a unique commodity, having formed naturally over millions of years. Its internal and surface features include asbestos, stone grain, stone tendon, ore deficiency, stone flowers, and naturally occurring color variations. These imperfections are a testament to the beauty of nature and are considered normal.

The manual grinding process, limited by human intervention, may result in slight roughness or unevenness in the surface polishing and edge grinding, which is also considered normal.



  • Material: Natural Xiuyu Jade Stone
  • Application: Body
  • Item: Facial Massage Jade Roller
  • Type: Facial Care Beauty Slimming Massager
  • Name: Facial Lift Massager
  • Use for: Eyes, Face, Arms, Body






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