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Montessori Busy Board Early Education

Montessori Busy Board Early Education

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Recommend Age: 0-5y

Immerse your child in a world of creativity and exploration with this delightful handmade DIY book.With a range of categories, the book becomes a playful learning tool, allowing children to identify various animals and acquire essential nuggets of wisdom. Simultaneously, it encourages the development of good reading habits, nurturing a love for books from an early age.

Features : 

  • Language Skills: Encourages the development of language skills through exposure to different words and phrases.
  • Reading Ability: Fosters an early interest in reading, laying the foundation for strong reading abilities.
  • Sensory Ability: Provides a tactile experience, enhancing sensory perception and coordination.
  • Communication Ability: Encourages interaction as children discuss and explore the content with parents or caregivers.




















 TUNJILOOL V1 8-Pages:


























































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