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Inflatable Neck Stretcher Collar

Inflatable Neck Stretcher Collar

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Neck massage device: Inflatable 3-layer neck pillow

Key Features: Adjustable, Universally Sized

Benefits: Provides relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Type: Air Cervical Soft Neck Brace

Model: Neck Support

Category: Braces & Supports

Material: Made with flocking cloth and liner

Intended Use: Targeted for Neck Support

Effect: Alleviates Pain Associated with Illnesses

Help Relieve Neck Pain:

  1. Our neck traction device provides proper support to reduce the weight of the head on the cervical spine.
  2. Adjustable self-fastening straps ensure easy compression adjustment, while breathable material ensures long-term comfort whether at the office or home.
  3. Easy to Carry: Deflate it in seconds, fold it with ease, and stash it in your bag or suitcase. Convenient for business or family trips, you can enjoy neck traction anywhere.



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