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Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad

Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad

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Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Size: Large (32cmX30cm)

Material: Composite Material

Application: Foot

Voltage: 3.7V

Massage Mode: 8 Modes, 19 Levels Intensity

Battery Capacity: 150mAh

Charge Mode: USB Charge

Design: Remote Controller


  1. Low Frequency EMS Pulse Technology: Our electrical muscle stimulation current prevents muscle soreness, promotes blood circulation, and relaxes the feet.

  2. Smart Acupoint Capture: Accurate acupoint massage ensures a comfortable experience.

  3. 8 Massage Modes & 19 Levels Intensity: Choose from various modes including Beat, Massage, Activation, Train, Knead, Shaping, Extrusion, and Slap, with 19 intensity levels for effective foot massage.

  4. Cordless Remote Controller Design: Enjoy intelligence and convenience with our easy-to-use remote controller.

  5. USB Rechargeable Battery: With USB charging, a 2-hour charge provides 8-10 days of use (15 minutes per day), automatically shutting down after 15 minutes of operation.

  6. Lightweight & Portable: Our soft and comfortable foot pad is lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy relaxing therapy anywhere you go.

How to Use:

  1. Fully charge the device if necessary and attach the LCD device to the foot mat.
  2. Paste the product on both feet (the device only works when both feet are attached to the mat).
  3. Turn on the device by pressing the "+" button and switch to the desired massage mode with the "M" button.
  4. Adjust the intensity level by pressing the "+" or "-" button.
  5. Turn off the device by pressing the "-" button until "0" appears on the screen, then press the "-" button again.











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