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6pcs Set Travel Storage Bags

6pcs Set Travel Storage Bags

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  • Large Net Bag: 40cm x 31cm x 12cm
  • Large Bag: 34cm x 27cm
  • Medium Mesh Bag: 31cm x 28cm x 12cm
  • Medium Bag: 27cm x 26cm
  • Small Mesh Bag: 30cm x 31cm x 12cm
  • Small Bag: 21cm x 17cm

Material: Polyester


  • Portable Handcuff Design: The innovative handcuff design allows for easy extraction of the bag, providing convenience and efficiency during use.

  • Breathable Mesh Cloth: Equipped with breathable mesh cloth, this organizer keeps clothes fresh and makes it easy to find specific items within the bag.

  • Neat and Tidy Classification: With this organizer, baggage classification becomes neat and tidy, ensuring everything stays organized and easily accessible.

  • Soft Plastic Zipper Grip: The zipper grip is crafted from soft plastic, offering a smooth and comfortable pull each time.





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