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1Pc Travel Automatic Flower Watering Device

1Pc Travel Automatic Flower Watering Device

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  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 25CM x 10CM

To prevent soil blockage, use wet wipes or cloth to wrap the water outlet.

How to Use:

  1. Create a small hole in the soil to prevent clogging.
  2. Fill the globe with water.
  3. Insert the tube into the soil hole you created.



Efficient Plant Care: Automatically water your plants for 2-3 weeks, preventing over or under watering.

Simple to Use: Just insert the tube into the soil for hassle-free plant nourishment.

Decorative Design: Hand-blown glass globes with charming bird designs add elegance to your space.

Durable Construction: Clear glass globes securely packaged to prevent breakage during transit. Versatile Use: Perfect for houseplants, patio plants, hanging plants, and outdoor gardens.






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