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Universal Shower Gel Bottle Rack

Universal Shower Gel Bottle Rack

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Material: Plastic

Color: Gray, White, Black

Size: As Shown in the Picture

Suitable for: Various sizes of bottles (spout width less than 35mm)


  1. Please check the bottle cap and mouth's size before sticking the holder to the wall.

  2. Please clean and dry your wall before use, ensuring it is flat and smooth.

  3. Press the holder firmly against the desired surface. The holder can be used after 72 hours.

Surface Requirements:

These holders work only on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as polished ceramic tile, mirror, glass window, polished stainless steel wall, and plastic board, etc. They won't work on any porous, bumpy, rough, or textured surfaces such as textured walls, rough coating surfaces, unpolished marble or wooden doors, rugged porcelain surfaces, etc.


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