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Sand Art Illumination Table Lamp

Sand Art Illumination Table Lamp

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  • Material: Glass, acrylic, quicksand
  • Package Contents: 1 x Quicksand Painting


  • USB Power Supply (No charging function)
  • Smooth movement of sand relieves stress, relaxes your eyes, and increases patience.
  • Each flip produces a unique dynamic painting.
  • Conducive to intelligence development and mood improvement.
  • Crystal clear and luxurious glass frame.
  • Strong concave and convex feel in the inner plastic frame.
  • Suitable for living room and bedroom decoration.
  • Acrylic base for versatility in placement, ideal for various settings such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and offices.

Operation Tips:

  • For fewer air bubbles, let the quicksand settle to the bottom before shaking to generate more small air bubbles and slower flow.
  • Injecting air into the quicksand with a syringe can slow down the flow even further.


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