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Nixie Tube Clock: DIY Assembly with RGB LED Glow

Nixie Tube Clock: DIY Assembly with RGB LED Glow

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  • Size: 2896.5cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Power Port: Type-C
  • Power: DC5V 1A or 2A (Plug not included)
  • Model Number: Tube Clock
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Function: Color Changing
  • Width: 65mm
  • Display Type: DIGITAL
  • Type: Desk Clocks
  • Motivity Type: Digital
  • Movement Type: Jumping movement
  • Weight: 840g
  • Sheet Size: 10"
  • Shape: SQUARE
  • Length: 280mm

Product Features:

  1. Multiple modes with 16 million colors, including RGB phantom color.
  2. USB interface for easy connectivity.
  3. Five-level brightness adjustment.
  4. Supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.
  5. Comes in an exquisite gift box packaging.
  6. Offers various cool display modes, with customizable color options.
  7. Allows for time setting and countdown functionality.
  8. Includes an alarm clock feature.




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