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Customized Name Stamp

Customized Name Stamp

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Recommended Age: 12+

Theme: Animals & Nature

Customization Information:In the order notes section, leave your name.

  1. Order Format and Note:

    • Stamp format must follow our guidelines.
    • Note the correct pattern code + name in the order (e.g., A2+Name).
    • Contact us if you have a specific pattern code + name preference.
    • Failure to provide details within 72 hours will result in making a stamp for the recipient's name.
  2. Name Length Recommendations:

    • With Pattern: Name should not exceed 5 letters.
    • Without Pattern: Name should not exceed 8 letters.
  3. Language Support:We support all languages, including Russian, Hebrew, English, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and others.

  4. Pattern Code Selection:

    • Choose a pattern and send the correct pattern code.
    • Failure to send the correct code assumes the non-pattern method for stamp creation.
  5. Customization Notice:

    • This is a customized item; once the seal is made, it cannot be changed.
  6. Storage Box and Printing Tape:

    • Storage box does not include the seal; printing tape is blank.
    • Ink tape needs stamping and ironing on dark-colored surfaces.

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