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10PCS 2g - 20g Travel Pot Jars

10PCS 2g - 20g Travel Pot Jars

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  • Lid Color Options: White, Black, Clear, Pink, Purple, Sky blue
  • Material: Plastic

Capacity and Sizes:

  • 2g (approx. 0.071oz): Diameter 28mm/1.1", Height 13mm/0.5"
  • 3g (approx. 0.105oz): Diameter 30mm/1.18", Height 16mm/0.59"
  • 5g (approx. 0.176oz): Diameter 30mm/1.18", Height 16mm/0.59"
  • 10g (approx. 0.35oz): Diameter 38.8mm/1.52", Height 22.3mm/0.87"
  • 15g (about 0.52oz): Diameter 38.8mm/1.52", Height 28.1mm/1.1"
  • 20g (approx. 0.7oz): Diameter 38.8mm/1.52", Height 34mm/1.3"


  • The empty container can be used for Cosmetic Creams, Skin Care Products, Small Jewelry, etc.
  • Convenient for carrying cosmetic creams and skin care products while traveling
  • Good looking appearance.



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